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Biggest mistake in chess

Chess is more or less a duel, a fight to see who can win in a mental and tactical way. That’s why in playing this board game, it is important to be wary of something things that may be the cause for your defeat.
Playing chess involves a lot of thinking. Some may win and some may lose, there are those better and those which are worse, but still at the end of the day, we’re all chess players who yearn to win.
There are mistakes that some may notice and some may not in playing chess. First is the thinking that you can’t win to someone who’s a pro or genius. There’s the typical amateur thinking that when you play chess, you need to have an IQ whatsoever, but that is not true. Chess is a board game that requires tactics, some lose and some not and that is it. There was never a fine print that says it’s only for those who are genius and have talent.
You need not to memorize every chess openings and tactics that are already written in books or posted in the internet. This is a common mistake for a chess player. Success in chess is not about adopting a magic way of thinking or reading 100 books on the middlegame and openings. Though I say this, I am not indicating that you shouldn’t read books and learn from it, what I’m suggesting is to not rely on them as experience is the best teacher here.
There’s also some cases where people are just afraid of being beaten by someone who’s obviously better than them. They fear to be ridiculed once they lose, but in fact, you should think the opposite. Someone who’s better, definitely has a higher reputation than you, needless to say, they are more afraid because if they get beaten, their reputation will certainly get hurt and you’ll earn more.
Chess is a game of thinking and entertainment. It, being something that requires strategy, doesn’t necessarily you need to have the ‘smarts’, what you must have is guts and instincts to move forward, one step at a time and give your best while doing so. By enjoying, you’ll surely have the feeling of accomplishment once you’re at the end of the game and either you or your opponent gets a checkmate.

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