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Entertainment is one of the most important things to a person’s life. We find stress building up inside us but entertainment save us by giving us joy and erasing stress from our system. Games are one of the most known form of entertainment and from one of the earliest games, many kinds of it still sprung and one of the most known is chess.
Chess has become one of the most known board game that is said to be one of the oldest. Although it has a set of easily comprehensible rules, it requires a lot of practice to win against skilled opponents. This is because chess is a highly strategy and tactically oriented without the luck reliability like dice games and alike. Each player has a set of colored pieces referred to by their nominal color, white and black.
Chess, like other board games is a highly entertaining way to pass time and enjoy. If you want to join the community of chess players and experience exercising that mind of yours while enjoying, then it is best that you learn the rules and specific terms that you will need to know in order to play chess.
As I’ve said, chess is played with two players. Each has the same set of pieces with different uses. The most important is the ‘King’ piece, which can go to any direction but is only limited to one square. The king is the most important piece as the defeat of the king signals the end of the game.
Beside the king is his queen. The queen piece is probably the most powerful of all pieces as it is can move to any position like the king but as far as it want to. The bishop can also move as far as it wants to any vacant square but only in a diagonal path. The rook can also do the same but only in a straight and vacant path. The horse is unique as it can jump over pieces but only in an L-like position; two squares straight and a one square turn to 90 degrees of its last position. Covering half of the pieces are the pawn which can only move forward to one square; two squares if it’s the first turn; and defeats an enemy diagonally.
Now that you know the pieces, next is to just arrange the pieces according to the rules and play the game with your opponent. Move one piece at a time, exchanging turns with your opponent until one gets checkmate. This is the time when the king will be unable to move anymore as it will cause its defeat.
Fun can sometimes be recognized by some as being noisy and doing a lot of stuff. But some people find chess as something fun and entertaining. Chess is definitely one of the best board games, though it requires a lot of thinking and strategy, after the game, you will surely feel a sense of accomplishment and a whole lot of joy.

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